Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fixing the lawnmower with bread dough

Bread dough inserted just to the left of the red gas primer.

The gas tank actually broke off its mount and began to splash gas around and stopped.  The whole machine rattles terribly due to a slightly bent while it is hard on the arms and wrists, I prefer to get the most out of this mower before I buy a new one.  I wrapped wire around the tank, hooked bungee cords into the wire and stretched and attached each to something on the other side of the mower.  Then I mixed:

1/2 C. King Arthur all purpose flour
3 T. Water
1/4 t. yeast

I kneaded this into a paste and pressed it into the cracks around the break.  I figured the yeast would help it expand and seal the tank.  IT WORKED.  I was able to mow the lawn normally without the tank splashing up and down losing gas.  The seal remained flexible enough to jiggle without breaking.

I didn't need to buy a new lawnmower today.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rhubarb Pickle

Lacto-Fermented Rhubarb
I was given some rhubarb tonight.  I don't usually use it because it requires so much sugar to make palatable.  Then I thought of lacto-fermenting it.  I diced it up, added sea salt, hot pepper flakes and onion.  I tasted it and it's deliciously sour and I can imagine eating it as a condiment with most all meats and fish.

Diced rhubarb to fill a quart jar....and a little more as it turns out.
2 T plus 2 t. unrefined sea salt
1/2 t. hot pepper flakes
1/2 Spanish onion

Stir all together, pack into a quart jar with a little more for a tiny jar, seal and wait.
I'll burp these morning and evening so that pressure doesn't build up too much.  I've never heard of using rhubarb in this way, so please wait until I report back to let you know if I was successful.

 Update: May 7- After 2 days of "fermentation", no bubbles have appeared and there is no pressure building.  Perhaps the rhubarb is so very acidic that that won't happen.

Update: May 11, This rhubarb did not actually ferment, although I have read about people using it to flavor kefir soda.  I did not add any whey which may have helped.  It is very tasty as a condiment, but since I made it, I've read that rhubarb isn't all that useful as a nutrient.  It's worth making a little in the spring I think.