Friday, May 1, 2009

Fried Rice

I found a way to make fried rice that I love.

I make it in my large iron skillet starting with some good lard, sausage fat, or bacon and the fat.

I use brown rice that has been soaked and cooked and can be leftover.

Fry bacon pieces and leave that fat in the skillet. While that is frying, prepare vegetables and other ingredients in separate small containers.

Sesame seeds
Onions sliced or diced
Garlic cloves. I crush these on top of another vegetable type ingredient.
Almonds, crispy a la Nourishing Traditions, coarsely chopped.
Cucumbers diced.
Red peppers diced.
Spinach leaves chopped a bit.
Tomatoes quartered or diced.
Anything else you want. Whatever I get at the farmer's market goes into this.

Add the sesame seeds to the bacon and fat and fry until a bit toasty.
Add the rice and fry at a medium heat, stirring and scraping every few minutes with a metal, flat spatula. When the rice is hot and frying, add the spinach and toss every so often for 2 to 3 minutes.

Toss in everything else but the cucumbers and tomatoes and let those ingredients get warm.
Put onto serving platter and add one egg per person to the empty skillet, using more fat in necessary.

Fry eggs very lightly and turn over, adding this to the top of the rice mixture.
Sprinkle on naturally brewed Tamari sauce and garnish with cucumbers and tomatoes.

This meal is very simple to construct and has everything you could possibly want all in one dish. I like the fact that the garlic and onions are almost raw but the spinach is slightly cooked which makes it more nutritious. I also garnish with lacto-fermented carrots since I keep those on hand. The skillet does not need to be washed afterwards and the little bowls of prepared vegetables are easy to wash. This dish is delicious even as it cools down and the egg with a very soft-to-liquid yolk is the very best!

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  1. Oh yum. This is my way of cooking! :D Great ideas!
    -Valerie Good